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Car Accidents and Back Injuries

Dallas – Fort Worth Chiropractic Care The force and violence of car accidents often cause neck and back injuries. Even in low-impact car accidents, a person’s body can be suddenly thrust in one direction or another, straining muscles, ligaments, and vertebrae. As a result, discs can be ruptured or displaced, and vertebrae thrown out of … Read more

The Prevalence of Back Pain

If you wake up in the morning without back pain, consider yourself lucky. According to well-documented studies, approximately one out of every two workers across the country will experience some type of back pain every year. Researchers estimate that 8 out of every 10 people will make it. Point prevalence is measured at a single … Read more

Headaches and Car Accidents

Dallas Area Chiropractors • Headaches • Car Accidents It’s not uncommon for car accident victims to suffer from headaches due to whiplash or a back injury. When whiplash occurs, an injury victim’s head is suddenly snapped forward (or to the side) due to the force of impact. As a consequence, the muscles in the neck … Read more