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Don’t Ignore That Back Pain After An Auto Accident!

Are you experiencing back pain after a car accident? Your back is one of your body’s most intricate and complicated structures. The vertebrae, the ligaments that connect the vertebrae, and the discs that separate the vertebrae and muscle are designed to operate as a well-oiled machine. But with such intricate machinery one seemingly minor bit … Read more

Understanding Back Pain – Back Injuries

In work-related accidents, sports injuries, or car accidents, a great deal of weight and pressure can be transferred to the spine as a result of an impact or fall. As a result, a disc may rupture, resulting in it protruding outside its normal boundary beneath a vertebra. If left unattended, the disc may begin to … Read more

A Whiplash Injury can be caused even if the Car that hit your car from behind was traveling very slowly

DEFINING WHIPLASH A whiplash injury can be caused even if the car that hit your car from behind was traveling very slowly, even less than 5 miles per hour. A study of low-speed crash impact revealed that nearly 30 percent of those who were struck at a low speed (the car that hit theirs was … Read more

How Effective is Chiropractic Treatment over the Long-Term?

Chiropractic treatment is ideal for certain kinds of muscle-skeletal conditions that cause pain. In these kinds of cases, regular adjustments can help patients avoid surgery and a worsening of their condition. In other patients, chiropractic adjustments, coupled with physical therapy and an exercise regimen, can greatly improve mobility, functionality, and freedom from pain. In other … Read more

Whiplash, Posture and Neck Pain.

A large number of people that suffer from neck pain are victims of whiplash sustained in an auto accident or sports injury. However, symptoms associated with whiplash don’t always manifest as neck pain. For instance, headaches, arm pain and a feeling of arm heaviness or weakness, lower back pain, even cognitive impairment can be the … Read more

Don’t Ignore Back Pain after a Car Accident.

Dallas – Fort Worth Chiropractic Care A mistake people often make in the weeks or months after they’ve been in a “minor fender bender,” is ignoring neck and back pain. Here, it’s important to keep in mind that the full extent of soft tissue injuries link to http://health.vic.gov.au/edfactsheets/downloads/soft-tissue-injury.pdf – injuries to muscle tissue, ligaments, or … Read more

Chiropractors and Accident Injury Claims

When people are injured in a car crash, they often have to deal with significant pain. This is especially the case if they suffered whiplash, a common injury, especially in rear-end accidents. Chiropractors regularly treat auto accident victims who have whiplash or other neck and spine injuries. Chiropractors are trained specialists in diagnosing your body’s … Read more