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Don’t Ignore That Back Pain After An Auto Accident!

Are you experiencing back pain after a car accident?

Back pain at workYour back is one of your body’s most intricate and complicated structures. The vertebrae, the ligaments that connect the vertebrae, and the discs that separate the vertebrae and muscle are designed to operate as a well-oiled machine. But with such intricate machinery one seemingly minor bit of damage can easily throw off the whole system.

When it comes to your back, small and consistent pains tend to escalate into larger, chronic issues. While back pain is considered chronic when it lasts more than three months, don’t wait longer than three days to see a
professional! The longer you wait, the harder it is to determine the exact cause and seriousness of the injury.

So whether your post-accident back pain has been dull and gradual or extremely sharp and sudden, don’t take risks with your back! Get checked out and treated by the professionals at Accident and Injury where we specialize in treating injuries after a car accident.