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A Whiplash Injury can be caused even if the Car that hit your car from behind was traveling very slowly


A whiplash injury can be caused even if the car that hit your car from behind was traveling very slowly, even less than 5 miles per hour. A study of low-speed crash impact revealed that nearly 30 percent of those who were struck at a low speed (the car that hit theirs was traveling at 2.5 miles per hour) still suffered symptoms of soft tissue injury or whiplash
neck_x_rayWhiplash is the name given to a specific type of neck injury that happens when your neck is whipped suddenly forward and then jerked backward. This sudden violent motion causes the soft tissues or even the ligaments and muscles holding the neck in place to tear or stretch beyond their limit.
Whiplash is typically seen in people who have been in car crashes, in particular, rear-end car accidents. This is because their car is struck from behind, when the body is not expecting it. As the body is seeking to heal, the entire area becomes inflamed. Sometimes, people do not even seek treatment in situations like these, as they just think there’s some soreness that will go away. And there is no “obvious” damage like a broken bone.
Sometimes, people don’t feel any pain or stiffness until hours or days after the initial trauma to the body from the rear-end accident. The most painful feelings from whiplash are often centered at the base of the skull, where the neck was most impacted by the whiplash. People may find that their neck burns, that they have limited mobility or that they are suddenly sore all along their arm and down their back.

Common Whiplash Symptoms

Neck, back, shoulder or arm pain
Tingling or numb sensations in the arm or neck, or down the back and shoulder
Decreased range of motion or painful range of motion in the neck
Headaches, especially at the point of impact in lower skull in the back of the head
Dizziness, nausea and blurred vision
Pain in jaw
Fatigue, problems focusing and depression

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