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Enjoy Spring Break Without Regrets

It’s Spring Break over the next few weeks, and North Texans are eager to get outside and enjoy the freedom and balmier weather. And since Texas is a popular Spring Break destination for students and families from Northern states who also want to enjoy our weather and our beaches on the gulf, we can expect lots of extra traffic on our roads. Unfortunately, Spring Break is a time when people are more likely to be focused on fun than on driving defensively, so if we’re going to remain safe while traveling, we need to be extra cautious—especially at night when more crashes tend to occur during these weeks in March.  

Driving at night to make your destination also means you’re likely to be more tired while on the road, and if you’re coming back from a week of fun in the sun, all those outdoor activities can make you more worn out too. Get extra sleep when you can, and if you get drowsy while driving, get off the road immediately and take a cat nap. Or stop at a hotel and get back on the road in the morning. Whenever you’re driving, take lots of breaks, stay hydrated, and try to eat a healthy, nourishing meal before taking off for your vacation or to get back home.

There’s one more concern that needs to be mentioned over Spring Break—drunk drivers. Because many spring-breakers are college students, we can expect more alcohol consumption and more incidences of drunk driving. Many of these students don’t really understand the potential consequences of driving drunk. We must all remember that deciding to drive drunk can permanently affect our lives and the lives of others.

And what if a police officer pulls you over for driving under the influence? According to Lt. Pedro Barineau of the Garland Police Department, if you are charged with drunk driving, you face losing your license for up to a year and spending 180 days in jail. In addition, there are court costs and legal fees that could total as much as $17,000.

This year, the Texas Department of Transportation(TxDOT) has launched a new campaign that it hopes will curb the incidences of drunk driving. You may have seen their light-up signs on the roads displaying the words “Drive Sober. No Regrets.” TxDOT hopes this campaign will help students to think twice before getting behind the wheel after drinking. Their representatives have been visiting college campuses with videos that include testimonials of students who have experienced loss due to a drunk driving crash. In addition, TxDOT suggests options for safe transportation for anyone needing a lift after drinking.

So, as you enjoy your own time during Spring Break, be extra cautious on our roads, and be sure you “Drive Sober,” so you will have “No Regrets”!

Happy Spring Break from us all!  

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