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Have a Happy and Accident-Free Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are filled with social gatherings—work parties, dinner parties, family get-togethers—we all enjoy the opportunity to celebrate with friends and loved ones. But these celebrations often involve the consumption of alcohol, and that can mean more impaired drivers on our roads. Highway safety data shows the number of alcohol-related auto accidents and related auto accident injuries soars alarmingly during the holiday season.

We all know the dangers of getting behind the wheel after too much alcohol consumption. But what constitutes too much? That’s hard to say, because there are a number of variables that factor into a person’s level of impairment after drinking. These may include a person’s body weight, overall health, and level of rest as well as the amount and type of food and/or medication he or she may have ingested prior to or while drinking. If you have a cold or are low on sleep, your level of impairment from one drink will be greater than if you are perfectly healthy and well-rested. And be aware that if you are on cold or any other type of medication, you should not drink at all! Bearing all this in mind, you may find the Blood Alcohol Percentage Charts on the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission’s website helpful in determining how much is too much for you.* Just remember, there is some degree of impairment after just one drink!

At Accident and Injury, we want you to be safe during the holiday season. Please take extra precautions when you get behind the wheel. First, if you are going to be drinking, it’s best to not drive at all. Designate a driver before the festivities begin. If you do choose to drink, refer to the TABC chart and factor in any variables that may make you more susceptible to alcohol impairment. Keep your consumption low, and don’t rely on your own judgment as to whether or not you are impaired. Ask a friend or loved one if they think it’s safe for you to drive. Impairment from drinking will affect your ability to judge how sober you are! Third, drive defensively. This is always important but especially so during the holidays. Expect that some drivers around you will be impaired and drive accordingly.

If despite your best efforts you end up injured or in pain after an auto accident, make an appointment at your nearest Accident and Injury Chiropractic right away. Because all we do is treat car accident victims, we’ll have you back enjoying your holidays before you know it.