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Rear-End Crashes Can Have Serious Consequences

Have you been in a rear-end collision that wasn’t your fault? Rear-end crashes are the most frequently occurring type of collisions. About 29 percent of all car crashes are rear-end crashes. These wrecks result in a substantial number of injuries each year.   The Most Common Causes of Rear-End Crashes Rear-end crashes are most commonly … Read more

Whiplash Injury: Find Relief at Accident & Injury Chiropractic

Introduction: Car and truck wrecks can be very sudden and unexpected, leaving drivers and passengers with a range of injuries that can significantly impact their quality of life. One common injury resulting from car and truck wrecks is whiplash. If you have been involved in an automobile collision and are suffering from the symptoms of … Read more

This Is the Most Important Thing After a Car Crash

After you’ve been in a car crash and you think you’re ok, your next step is usually to get out of your car and assess the damage to all the vehicles involved in the wreck. But before you do that, there’s an even more important assessment you need to make! One of the problems with … Read more

Local Doctor Becomes Certified in Whiplash Injury Biomechanics and Traumatology

Dr. Lou Saucedo, D.C., Chief of Staff at Accident and Injury Chiropractic, is now certified in Accident Reconstruction from Northwestern University! This is in addition to being certified from the Croft Institute in Whiplash Injuries! DALLAS, TEXAS, OCTOBER 2014 – Did you know that over three million whiplash injuries occur each year resulting from motor … Read more


Did you know that approximately two thirds of people in car accidents develop symptoms of whiplash? Whiplash—also known as neck sprain or strain—occurs when the head jerks forward or backwards suddenly: a common occurrence in car accidents. When this happens, the tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the neck can stretch or even tear. Disks, blood … Read more

It’s Now Against the Law

IT’S NOW AGAINST THE LAW! There’s a new, state-wide ban on texting and driving. What does this mean to you? Hopefully, you are well aware of the dangers of distracted driving and never text and drive. But if you occasionally use your cellphone to read, text, and even type coordinates into your GPS while driving, … Read more


You’ve been in a car accident. You went to the emergency room where they checked your vital signs, made sure you didn’t have any life-threatening conditions, and gave you a prescription for pain relief. The problem is, though your injuries may not be life-threatening, they may be life-changing if you don’t get the proper care. … Read more

Don’t Let Whiplash Whip You

Whiplash, also called neck sprain or strain, is a very common car accident injury. It is caused when the head abruptly jerks forward and/or backward causing the neck to move outside its normal range of motion thus straining ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Because it is a soft tissue injury, it is often not as immediately … Read more

Understanding Back Pain – Back Injuries

In work-related accidents, sports injuries, or car accidents, a great deal of weight and pressure can be transferred to the spine as a result of an impact or fall. As a result, a disc may rupture, resulting in it protruding outside its normal boundary beneath a vertebra. If left unattended, the disc may begin to … Read more