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As many of us head out to New Year’s Eve parties tomorrow night, we don’t have one particular driving concern some in other states may face: our weather here in North Texas is slated to be a balmy 72/64 degrees! Yet, despite the fact that we tend to have less dangerous driving conditions than other areas this time of year, we have one of the highest traffic fatality rates in the country.

With no rain, sleet, snow, or wind to deal with, many of us can get complacent on the roads—which can be especially dangerous when alcohol is added to the mix. That’s why it’s vitally important that we all take safe driving seriously. Following are suggestions to help you avoid an accident to start the new year.

  1. Before you head out the door toward your holiday celebration destination, put some plans in place to protect yourself and others on the roadways. If you know you’re going to drink, designate a sober driver to get you home, make sure you have the Uber app at the ready, or arrange to spend the night at a friend or family member’s house.
  2. Since it’s harder to see at night, and nighttime traffic on New Year’s Eve is usually high, make sure your view from the driver’s seat is clear and you are free from distractions while driving. Don’t eat or drink a soda while trying to maneuver. Don’t crank the radio or spend too much focus on conversations with others in the car. Drive defensively at all times and be prepared for other drivers to do the unexpected.
  3. Be sure to obey all traffic laws, follow the posted speed limit, and when in doubt, yield to the other driver. It’s better to be safe than right.
  4. Though you may be tempted to party into the wee hours of the morning, it’s better to end your celebration shortly after the ball drops. Most traffic accidents happen after midnight, and that’s especially a concern on New Year’s when people tend to get more inebriated as the night wears on.

At Accident and Injury Chiropractic, we want you to have a healthy 2022, and that starts with making wise decisions on December 31, 2021. And remember, if you are in a wreck, contact A & I immediately, so we can get you back into 2022 in full swing.


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