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Why You Should Consider a Chiropractor

Why You Should See a Chiropractor When You Are in Pain

If you have been hurt in an accident, or have simply started experiencing pain, anywhere in your body, you have a number of options for treatment to alleviate your suffering. Here are some of the reasons why obtaining the services of a chiropractor will be in your best interests:

  • Chiropractic focuses on treatment designed to relieve pain—Chiropractors carefully examine and treat muscles, joints, connective tissue (such as cartilage, ligaments and tendons) and bones, and understand the relationship between the displacement of a bone and the pain you suffer. They are specifically trained to identify and address the underlying causes of pain.
  • Chiropractic is almost always more cost-effective—A chiropractor won’t prescribe costly medication, and will not perform expensive surgery. In addition to the cost savings, you won’t have to worry about a drug dependency or an invasive procedure.
  • Chiropractic will encourage steps to improve your health—Chiropractors don’t simply prescribe medication to alleviate pain…they encourage you to make lifestyle changes that will improve your health and decrease your susceptibility to injury and pain. Typically, this involves increased physical activity, which promotes mental as well as physical health.
  • Chiropractic has the potential to dramatically reduce stress—Studies show that people who are more physically active generally have less stress and anxiety in their lives. Because chiropractic encourages exercise and increased physical activity, it typically leads to activity that releases endorphins into the body, which have been scientifically proven to relieve stress.
  • Chiropractic can help you minimize or avoid the need for lengthy physical therapy—A chiropractor can proactively work with you to make adjustments that minimize the risk of future injury.
  • A chiropractor can help you sleep better—Studies indicate that the primary causes of insomnia are stress, depression and physical pain. Treatment from a chiropractor can alleviate all of these conditions.

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