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We Pride Ourselves on Our Clean Clinics

At Accident and Injury Chiropractic, we believe that keeping our clinics scrupulously clean is vitally important at all times of the year. We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our clinics and clean and disinfect them often throughout the day. As we are in the middle of cold, flu, and virus season, we want to assure you that we do everything in our power to help to keep our patients safe and healthy on every level we can. Our patients regularly comment about how clean our clinics are. Here are comments from actual patients made about each of our clinics in eleven 5-star reviews.

Jose: “I’m OCD about being clean, and I had no issues here because they clean before and after patients!”

Teddy: “This facility is immaculate, especially the restroom.”

Fernando: “The clinic is very clean.”

Binam: “I really, really appreciate all the equipment is clean.”

Julian: “The place is always clean.”

Niomia: “The office is always clean.”

Magdalena: “I always love the clean clinic here.”

Rogero: “I like that I see them cleaning the exercise area, so it feels good to use.”

Chris: “Facilities are clean.”

Brenda: “The place is clean.”

Jacqueline: “Very clean practice.

So remember, if you are ever in an auto accident, come to one of our very clean clinics where we will take great care of you and have you back on the roads as quickly as possible.

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