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Chiropractic Helps Repetitive Stress Injuries

Chiropractic Helps Repetitive Stress Injuries

Let’s talk about how Chiropractic helps repetitive stress injuries and other related disorders. We see it a lot in today’s world. People work on an assembly lines, in a warehouse or sitting at a desk in an office. Repetitive stress injury, also known as RSI, can stem from both action and inaction. You may spend eight hours doing the same thing. You may simply spend most of your work time standing or sitting in the same position. The result, however, can be the same—continued stress on connective tissues. This leads to numbness or tingling, or chronic or sharp pain in your knees, ankles or hips, or in your arms, hands, shoulders or neck.

There are changes you can make at your job that will minimize the risk of RSI. If you spend your day sitting, take a look at your chair. You want a good chair that provides proper support for your back. It should allow you to adjust the seat to the proper height for you to use your keyboard, or perform your task. You’ll want to make certain that the seat of the chair is not too close to the floor. Your feet should be flat on the floor when your knees are at a 90 degree angle.  Your arms should rest comfortably at your sides.

Whether you sit or stand, one of the keys to avoiding RSI is to change your position on a regular basis. This may involve standing and stretching on a regular basis, or walking to the bathroom or drinking fountain. If you stand all day, do regular stretches, touching your toes or gently twisting right and left.

Chiropractic focuses on pain assessment and pain alleviation. At one of our convenient Accident and Injury clinic, we will carefully and fully assess your situation. We will identifying all potential sources of pain. We will put together a comprehensive plan to minimize the pain you are currently experiencing. We will help you build up strength to reduce the risk of pain and discomfort in the future.

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