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High Temperatures and Car Crashes

A prolonged heat wave has been baking much of the US this summer—especially the south. Texas has had record-breaking temperatures and, despite a briefly cooler weather forecast for the next few days, extreme temperatures are expected the rest of August and into September. In fact, the New York Times puts much of Texas in the … Read more

This Is the Most Important Thing After a Car Crash

After you’ve been in a car crash and you think you’re ok, your next step is usually to get out of your car and assess the damage to all the vehicles involved in the wreck. But before you do that, there’s an even more important assessment you need to make! One of the problems with … Read more


Highway Car Driving, behind the Wheel on Road Trip.

As covered in part 1 of our blog series, with today’s innovations that make driving easier, we can tend to get complacent on the road. But new safety features and overconfidence in our knowledge of how to handle many driving situations can actually put us at added risk. Here are 3 more questions to ask … Read more

Are Texas Drivers As Bad As They Say They Are?

Teenage Driver in New Car

If you’ve driven in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for any length of time, you’ve probably complained that we have the worst drivers here than in any other place in the country. Well, research over the last few years seems to confirm that sentiment. A study conducted by ZenDrive in 2018 revealed that Dallas/Fort Worth drivers … Read more

Round And Round And Roundabout We Go Without An Accident – We Hope

Round And Round And Round We Go Without An Accident – We Hope Whether you love ‘em or loathe ‘em, more and more roundabouts are coming to North Texas. If you’ve never seen a roundabout, they are a type of circular intersection that has several distinguishing features. Traffic flows counterclockwise around a center island. Due … Read more


SUMMER IS THE PEAK TIME OF YEAR FOR AUTO ACCIDENTS According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), July, August, and September are typically peak months for car accidents, and there are almost twice the number of traffic fatalities during the summer than the rest of the year. Though darker days and treacherous weather … Read more