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The Most Important Questions After a Car Accident

Accident-NotesThe Most Important Questions After a Car Accident

If you’re ever in a car accident, you’ll be required to answer a lot of questions. Police officers and insurance companies will want to know exactly what happened to establish liability, and your focus immediately after the accident will be on those details that will help them make that determination. But there are other questions that will need to be answered, and the answers to these questions may be even more important to you in the long run because they will help in the evaluation of your injuries and in determining the best course of care for you going forward. 

So, if you are in a car accident, try to immediately think through the details of the collision and answer the following questions?

  • Was your head thrown forward?
  • Did your shoulder belt tighten?
  • Was airbag deployed?
  • Did you hit your knee on dashboard?
  • Did your wrist jam on steering wheel?
  • Did your head hit anything?

There is one more question you should be able to answer immediately following an accident: Where is the nearest Accident and Injury?  When you come to one of our offices, be sure to tell us about any aches and pains you may be experiencing along with the details of your collision.

An auto accident can be very violent and result in multiple injuries. Not only “whiplash” commonly occur, but also injuries to the head or brain, knees, shoulders, wrists and other parts of the body. It’s critical to be evaluated by a healthcare professional that focuses on these types of injuries. The doctors of Chiropractic at Accident & Injury have treated thousands of car accident injury victims. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, call them now.